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ABOUT Irrigation ALGC

Our mission is to design automatic quality irrigation systems that meet the needs of our customers and at unbeatable prices .

We have hundreds of satisfied customers. Customers appreciate the expertise of professionals .


  • Free Estimate and Underground Cable Locating
  • Proper Planning for Irrigation Projects
  • Residential and Commercial Repairs
  • Drip Irrigation for Flower Boxes
  • Opening and Purging of Irrigation System
  • Low Voltage Exterior Accent Lighting
  • 3 Year Warranty

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Irrigation ALGC, harmony in your landscaping!



Our mission is to design automatic quality irrigation systems that meet the needs of our customers and at unbeatable prices . ALGC irrigation works in the field of irrigation since 2001. We have hundreds of satisfied customers. Customers appreciate the expertise of professionals .

By hiring ALGC irrigation , you are sure of meticulous work and after-sales service impeccable.


ALGC Irrigation installs top quality products and recognized brands. Each system is designed and installed in harmony with your landscaping. Installation is done by certified professionals.


  • Full installation ( residential and commercial)
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • 3-year warranty (parts and labor) on all our facilities.


This is to thank you and your company for Irrigation ALGC for the excellent work performed at our family home, located at 6 rue Robert Pilon Gatineau, as well as our corporate office PF Brisson Painting Group Inc., Located 2 to Ducharme street in Gatineau. Indeed, we could not find a better contractor you to complete the installation work of sprinkler systems in both places afore-mentioned We greatly appreciate the professionalism of the people that contributed to their facilities. Rest assured that we will not hesitate to recommend you and your business if the opportunity arose. Please accept, Mr. Dubois, such as personal thanks, warm and sincere.

Pierre Brisson, Président
Le Groupe P.F. Brisson Peinture Inc.

ALGC irrigation provided the best estimate and completed the work in less time than quoted. No hidden surprises, additions, or extras. Andre  is extremely knowledgeable and the equipment and systems installed with 14 years’ experience. Andre is very meticulous because my garden was very well cleaned after installation. Then once installed, I was given a full explanation of how easy the system works. My lawn is watered   everywhere. I had my system for 8 years and it was no problem and still works perfectly. Having an irrigation system saved me countless hours of hand watering. My lawn was the greenest lawn on the street, year after year

Service – Irrigation ALGC Purges the  system annually, and once again, is very competitive for discharge in spring.

We are one of many customers ALGC Irrigation since 2008. Mr. André Dubois has always met our requests and answering our questions. Over the years we have made ​​several changes to our system. Mr. Dubois knew how to change the coolant in order to meet the growth of various perennials and shrubs surrounding our field.

Our irrigation system was installed by the company in 2003 ALGC Irrigation and still works perfectly in 2012. We were delighted to do business with the owner Andre Dubois, who managed the project planning and system installation. This project has indeed proven to be very complex because we have about an acre of ground to cover with multiple flower beds with shrubs and flowers that require periodic watering especially during periods of drought. Mr. Dubois has also made ​​several adjustments to our system since its initial installation in 2003 to meet our many landscaping changes over the years. We believe it is important to emphasize the quality customer service and quality advice promulgated by Mr. Dubois.  A  big thank you for the excellent work and for his expert advice and excellent customer service.

Andre did irrigation work in my garden. I am more than satisfied. His work is professional, clean and well done. And, what is equally important, its price its reasonable. I have already recommended to others, and I will not hesitate to recommend it yet.

Approximately 10 years ago Irrigation ALGC (owner Andre Dubois)   completed the installation of our irrigation system (front and rear grounds). Since then every year, this company takes care of maintaining our system.We appreciate the service of Irrigation ALGC. They were

  • Reliability
  • Affordable
  • Courtesy
  • Impeccable service

ALGC Irrigation installed a sprinkler system for lawn and flower beds in front of our house a few years ago. This system proved very effective, and we decided to do the same for the sides and rear of our property the following year

The installation was done quickly and cleanly. Mr. Dubois has always responded promptly to our requests when we needed to make some adjustments or replace parts that we had inadvertently damaged